Prescribe drugs via your iPhone

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iApp Creative has released a new update to its iPrescribe app for iPhones and iPads. The tool makes it intuitive and quick to prescribe your favorite pills to your favorite patients.

Features from the product page:

  • Transmit and receive electronic prescriptions.
  • iPrescribe is Surescripts™ certified for New Prescriptions and Refills.
  • After writing a prescription you can save the drug and the specific way you prescribe it to your Favorites list for faster future prescribing.
  • Send prescriptions and receive refill notices without annoying and time consuming phone calls and faxes.
  • Pre loaded with over 3,500 FDA approved medications including all available dosages.
  • Supported by our iPrescribe website for fast, easy and secure patient data entry. Patient ID, name, phone number, address, birth date, gender, and notes can be entered into the database and wirelessly synced to your iPhone at any time. Patient data can also be entered manually into the iPhone.

via MedGadget

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