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  • Sharp increase in obesity among mums

    Sharp increase in obesity among mums

    Sep 22, 13 • 16735 Views • Featured, FITNESS, HEALTH Comments

    THE number of grossly overweight pregnant women at WA’s maternity hospital has risen 44 per cent in six years. Figures obtained by The Sunday Times show the number of women at King Edward Memorial Hospital with a body mass index of 35 or above make up...

  • Handling obesity and diabetes

    Handling obesity and diabetes

    Sep 22, 13 • 2324 Views • HEALTH Comments

    A medical conference on gastroenterology will look at, amongst other topics, bariatric surgery as an option for both weight loss and controlling metabolic diseases. IF you’re obese and want another option to lose weight, consider bariatric surgery. It has...

  • Advice on weight management in pregnancy

    May 18, 12 • 2068 Views • Featured, FITNESS, FOOD, HEALTH Comments

    Hello Readers, I was planning to get the news back to and was lazy and finally 4 NY tv channel bet me in News @ 5pm.Sorry for the day and here is the news article published in BMJ based on the research conducated in UK. Obesity in pregnant women has...

  • Berries keep your brain sharp

    Apr 30, 12 • 2547 Views • 3rd Eye, harvardedu Comments

    Study finds certain berries may delay memory decline in older women Jon Chase/Harvard Staff Photographer “Among women who consumed two or more servings of strawberries and blueberries each week we saw a modest reduction in memory decline. This effect...