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  • Growth Factor Can Improve Damaged Lungs

    Growth Factor Can Improve Damaged Lungs

    Feb 19, 13 • 1032 Views • HEALTHNo Comments

      In a study of mice, researchers at Johns Hopkins have identified a new molecular pathway involved in the growth of tiny air sacs called alveoli that are crucial for breathing. The scientists said their experiments may lead to the first successful...

  • Job Squeeze Vexes Postdocs

    Jul 28, 12 • 2609 Views • Education, Health News, PostDocNo Comments

    Postdocs are finding it harder to land academic positions, forcing them to take multiple postdocs, or leave academia for just-as-hard-to-find industry jobs. Alex Philippidis You’ve studied. You’ve written. You’ve defended. You’ve celebrated. Now what?...