A personal check for the detection of AIDS


240 thousand out of 1.2 million infected in America are unaware they are infected

The United States Agency for Medicines (FDA) allowed for the first time the sale of test to detect HIV infection without any medical supervision.

The agency followed the recommendations of this advisory committee of 17 independent experts supported the May 15 put this test, known as “Quick said Laura – Home HEV” for sale without medical supervision.

Have shown a clinical trial conducted by the laboratory test that allowed detection of HIV infection in 92% of cases, slightly less than the 95% recommended by the “FDA”.

And allows examination of the person taking a sample of his saliva from the gum by a piece of cotton placed then in the tube should wait 20 to 40 minutes to get the result, the result was positive does not necessarily mean that the person is a positive serum, but index for additional tests in the medical center to confirm the result.

In contrast, the conclusive results were negative, this is not a guarantee that a person is infected, especially if he was wounded in the last three months made it clear on what “FDA” in its statement, however, that such inspection reveals that a large number of seropositive did not reveal injury of before, especially in vulnerable groups more than others, are not subject to the tests normally.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said about 240 thousand people out of 1.2 million infected with AIDS in the United States are unaware they are infected with the disease, and that the examination on a regular basis is the most effective way to reduce new infections, up to the neighborhood of 50 thousand cases a year 20 years ago in the United States.

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