Chiropractic and Pregnancy

Chiropractic is important for pregnant women. Agencies and members of the motherresponsible for her body and the body of the fetus, so the performance of the functions ofher body is perfectly is extremely important for the development of the fetus.
Spine is a flexible rod and a solid, consists of a number of paragraphs that relate to each other and protect the spinal cord and nerve system. Relate to paragraphs in the head with the top and is a focal point with the ribs and back muscles. Can be the backbone wraps and move forward, backward and to the sides. If you look at the spine from the side, we see four arches to increase its natural strength, which maintain balance while standing, as it absorbs shocks and protects them from fractures.During pregnancy changes the backbone building every day, sometimes several times a day, according to the division of the weight and center of gravity in the body of women, hormone levels and change the situation. During pregnancy, women’s weight increases by 15% by weight. These changes lead to changes in posture and loss of balance, which is reflected in dizziness, imbalance and loss of pelvic support of the spine that bears the weight of the body and the fetus.
Chiropractic is important for the expectant mother. Agencies and members of the mother responsible for her body and the body of the fetus, so the performance of the functions of her body is perfectly is very important for the development of the fetus and its growth properly. Many changes occur to the spinal column pain and pelvic area, in order to Taatkiev with increase in the size of the fetus. Because of these changes, the mother becomes vulnerable to a nerve injury to them. Affect the partial dislocation (subluxation – the imbalance between the spine) on your nerves, mainly.
Improvement in some types of exercises Chiropractic during pregnancy the performance of your nerves and provide for the expectant mother and fetus, which is in the process of growth, more healthy environment.
We can look at the implications for the imbalance in the spine at several levels: level Albyumkaniki, hormonal and nervous system. Easy to note that there is a change in the situation and change the center of the body. Result in fetal weight to push the body forward, as it constitutes a burden on the pelvis and spine. Upon approaching the end of pregnancy note a change in the way of walking. But we can not often noted hormonal changes and chemical reactions that occur in the body of the mother in the body of the fetus. My nerves responsible for controlling, on the adequacy of and control all these processes.
Another reason for treatment during pregnancy is to install the pelvic area with the mother.As a result of pressure and trauma faced by the spine and pelvic area during the life of the mother, the entrance to the basin to be flexible and capable of change, which affects the area where the baby comes out through to the outside world.
Know Chiropractic displacement or deviation as a lack of integrity, which falls under the partial dislocation (lack of balance in the paragraphs), which often occurs as a result of trauma and pressure.In addition, the partial dislocation, closing paragraphs, lack of balance in the spine and the pelvis in the mother during pregnancy – all of these factors may cause imbalance of the pelvic muscles and ligaments that connect the joints. The mother’s pelvic support the uterus that grows by a certain ligament. When the pelvic bones are balanced, the uterus grows consistently (symmetrical) with which the fetus grows and develops inside the uterus. When the pelvic bones are Balaauajjaj khul or in part, directly affect the way that you support the uterus. Support the uterus are unevenly by the ligaments can lead to wrap the uterus, and reducing the area where you should live fetus during pregnancy. A term that describes this situation is called “The pressure inside the womb.”
In some cases, this limits the pressure from the place of the fetus during pregnancy and adversely affects the spine and skull of the fetus. Also, restricting the movement of the fetus during pregnancy may lead to prevention of access to the best position for birth. When the skull of the child traveling forward, it refers to the effects of intra-uterine pressure on the movement of the fetus. The baby’s position is sound makes the process of childbirth more difficult task, as it would then be the longest and most painful time and also more likely to need medical interventions.
In many cases, they are resorting to a caesarean section, you lose the mother and fetus are many benefits resulting from a natural birth, through the vagina.
It is worth mentioning that the importance of the backbone of the pregnant mother to double! With the large size of the abdomen and pelvis breadth, the burden grows and body weight on the spine and pelvic area. Center of gravity is changing to become more as Forward, as is the case with the head and neck, while changing the status of the shoulders toward the back. Get friction between the joints of the vertebrae, and increases the burden on the shoulders and the pregnant women suffer from frequent headaches. All of these symptoms can be addressed by medicine. Women may also suffer sometimes from edema in the legs and numbness in the hands.
In addition, the placenta secretes a hormone called “Ralxn” (Relaxin) Uttar his mission to make the pelvic floor tissue and a more flexible approach at the time of birth. But this hormone, unfortunately, influential undesirable, too, as it makes the other tissues more flexible, such as discs between the vertebrae and spinal tissue.
Have pregnant women who receive Chiropractic ability to balance more easily, reducing the number and frequency of friction, inflammation and pain. Allows the basin, which receives specific treatment for pregnant women and birth easier and more comfortable for mom and baby as well. Even after birth, the remaining tissues need strengthening and rehabilitation, after all the months during which he endured all this pressure. Combination of Chiropractic and Exercise Rehabilitation and strengthening the special offers recovery Shaklak and posture before birth, faster.
Chiropractic helps pregnant women who suffer from:
1. Headache
2. Back pain and neck
3. Mother mother legs and along the sciatic nerve
4. Nausea
5. Numbness in hands and feet
Points to ponder:
* Back pain is a common phenomenon during pregnancy, various studies have shown that about 50% of pregnant women suffer from this pain.
* Sense of potential pain during pregnancy is double for women who suffer from back pain.
* Back pain is usually concentrated in the lower back, especially when the sacroiliac joint.Usually increases the severity of pain when walking or standing, especially at the end of the day.
* In most cases, when Zao back pain during pregnancy, it does not stop after birth.
* Pain usually is described as annoying, is a source of concern but it is not sharp.
* Several hypotheses are trying to explain the phenomenon of back pain during pregnancy:- Increasing mechanical pressure.- Hormonal changes.
* Result in increased secretion of estrogen and relaxin to make the ligaments more flexible, as it leads to relaxation of the joints.
* To cope with the increase in the size of the uterus forward, veers back towards the back which increases the curvature of the spine, thus standing, friction and pressure on the sacroiliac joints.
* Excessive movement in the joints of the vertebrae and sacroiliac joint.
* Changes in the feet – including over-pronation (lie), Altstah and pressure – increase the load on the feet.
* Change in movement and lack of balance in the muscles.
* The sacroiliac joint is usually the most balanced of the lumbosacral joint, but it is influenced by the hormone relaxin pregnancy. Estimates are that 70% – 80% of back pain during pregnancy caused by a problem in the performance of this joint.

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