Curb the HIV virus reduces the risk of transmitting the disease to another person


For the first time an international conference recommends treating all patients with the AIDS virus HIV antiviral drugs even when the impact of HIV on the immune system is weak.
Reason, also said the International Association for fighting viruses in America, is the emergence of evidence that leaving the patient with HIV without treatment can lead to a series of health problems, including diseases of the arteries and kidneys in addition to HIV infection, data also showed that curb HIV, reduce the risk of transmit the disease to someone else.
She said Melanie Thompson Altria Home Center AIDS Research in Atlanta, saying “We no longer focus only on the impact of the traditional HIV. We know that HIV destroys the body all the time, which leaves it without treatment or try to curb it,” She added that the recommendations universal but targeted mainly rich countries, which can cover the costs of these treatments. Have been published these guidelines in the Journal of the American Medical Association at the start of the Conference of the International AIDS Society in 2012 in Washington this week.
In addition to studies that show that treatment with antiviral drugs reduce the risk of transmission of HIV, there are experiments showed the protective effect granted by these drugs for people with high risk for the disease before they become infected already.
The approved treatment monitoring bodies in America this month to use the drug Truvada for adults is infected with the virus, but they face risks of infection with. Like the rest of the anti-viral drugs designed CD-Gilead to keep the virus that causes AIDS under control, to curb the virus multiplied in the blood.
He d. Powell Volperdenj Director, Center for Cancer Research at the University of California, San Francisco, that “these drugs have proven effectiveness and minimal adverse effects appear day after day, its benefits for people with viral infection significantly.”
The United Nations reports the injury of nearly 34 million people infected with “HEV” that causes AIDS, of whom 1.2 million live in America.
The WHO recommends that HIV-infected to begin with inhibitory treatments of the virus early, before the immune system begins to weaken.

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