DNA Robots Helping Cancer Therapy

A study from Harvard University on Feb-16 revealed that Scientist have created a DNA robots that helps to find diseased cancerous cells in body. This robot DNA is also programmed to kill those cancer cells. Clamshell shaped folded DNA has programmed in Nano-size device. This device delivers immune system antibodies to leukemia and lymphoma cells that cause self-destruction of these cells. The detail report is also published in Journal.

This test was done on Lab level in a dish. Next step will be conducted on animals for locating cancer cells in body. The Nano-Robots DNA technology is not ready now for commercial application. The Mechanism of Robot DNA Nano-Device is based on immune cells attacking behaviour that recognized viruses and other invaders.

These robots are clamshell shape and held together with a “Joining line” similar as we construct and join sticky ends of DNA in recombinant DNA technology. The programmed modified DNA releases its grip when it recognized specific targets on a cell.If these devices find commercial application with better therapeutic and diagnostic index, it may also benefit people with autoimmune disease

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