GE:Smart and Intelligent Milk Vessel


This Milk Jug Passes the Smell Test: GE + Quirky Team Delivers Smart Milk Vessel

The milk jug actually tell u how the milk is,this is basically the,COMPLETE status of the milk,like quantity,pH,How good the milk is,

My reaction is :Wow… Intelligent MILK JUG with IPHONE APP.and tells u how good the milk is,if the milk is bad it will send u a text message to pick up the milk.Good work.Who know it might even order for the home delivery in the next upgrade

Check the Video Guys:I liked it GE

Last month, GE teamed up with the invention lab Quirky and “crowdsourced” ideas for a basic appliance that can be made smarter with software. “We’ve embraced the digital side of things and it’s highly stimulating, but not tactile,” GE Executive Director Linda Boff told TechCrunch. “At a very simple level, there is a desire to make things, to hold things in your hand, and [this partnership] is a come-one-come-all invitation to invention.”

The winner was the modest milk jug. The team spent the month of May in the lab, designing, shaping and molding the vessel. Today they unveiled what may be the world’s first “intelligent” milk container, the MilkMaid. It measures milk’s pH, or how acidic or alkaline it is. The optimum pH level for milk is slightly acidic, or pH 6.7. When milk begins to spoil, it starts turning into acid and its pH drops. You can smell spoiled milk or, worse, taste it. MilkMaid, on the other hand, will turn on a red LED light and send you a milk “status” text message. An iPhone app delivers instantaneous milk updates wherever you are on how many cups of milk you have left, expiration date, and temperature (has anyone left the refrigerator door open again?). If the unthinkable happens and your milk goes bad, the app will send you a sour milk recipe to save the day. Irish soda bread, anyone?
The partnership between GE and Quirky goes back to GE Garages, a high-concept, hands-on manufacturing lab loaded with 3D printers like the MakerBot, laser cutters, injection molders, computer numeric control mills and other high-tech tools. The Garages let kids and adults learn how modern prototyping and manufacturing works, and participate in a medley of hands-on workshops, specialized training and education.

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