Hot, Hot, HOT!-Can spicy food actually make you lose weight? Dev Goswami finds out…


When there are issues as big as weight loss there are bound to be loads of fads and diets that claim to help you lose that extra weight, each promising to be more effective than the other. The effect of this is that half truths sometimes become the complete truth to the extent that people start saying you will not lose weight if you do not do this.

One such half truth is that spicy food will make you lose weight. This is not completely false but not completely true either. Sheru Aangarish, an international health and fitness expert, says, “Spicy food will only help you lose weight up to a certain extent. I would never advise relying only on spicy food to burn off excess fat because it is responsible for other health problems — ulcers and high blood pressure are the two most common problems caused due to spicy food.”

Spicy food does play a role in boosting your metabolism and the faster the metabolism, greater is the weight loss. Sheru adds, “The main compound responsible for losing weight with respect to spicy food is chromium picolinate (found in black pepper). It’s a natural burner which raises our body temperature and this results in the fat burning process taking place.”

Also, spicy food is known to make people eat less, thus reducing their overall calorie consumption which is the actual reason behind the weight loss. It is very important to keep this fact in mind because it is rarely mentioned that spicy food will help boost metabolism and decrease appetite.

Apart from the adverse health effects mentioned above, a surplus intake of spicy food is also responsible for the following health problems:
• It can result in infections in the stomach resulting in inflammation of the stomach lining leading to gastritis.

• Burping after a spicy meal is not just bad manners but the body’s inability to deal with spicy food. The acid reflux caused by spicy food can cause your teeth to erode.

• It is said that after a period of time the tongue gets used to the spiciness and thus you stop getting the taste. But what actually happens is that your sense of taste gets deteriorated if you constantly eat spicy food.

While there is no denying the positive impacts spicy food can have on your body, the negative impacts shouldn’t be discounted. However, you do not have to lose sleep over spicy food. Just remember to keep it in check and not go overboard. With respect to weight loss you can still have spicy food to help you. Sheru says, “One thing I can recommend is black pepper balls which, due the chromium picolinate content, is backed up by research that claims it will help you lose weight.”

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