When it comes to weight loss, everyone wants it quick and easy. People don’t realize that just like weight gain does not happen overnight; weight loss also cannot be expected with a blink of an eye. In a bid to get in shape people follow all sorts of fad diets and funny methods which hardly show them any result. There is no one magic food which leads to weight loss. Eating the right food at the right time combined with adequate exercise is the only solution. Here’s a list of 10 foods to help you shed those extra kilos.

1. Oats: is extremely high in fiber, hence one portion of oats in the morning for breakfast can keep you full and energetic throughout the day, reducing your caloric intake.

2. Greens: like spinach, methi, broccoli etc are very low in calories and high in fiber, vitamins and minerals thereby reducing water retention and bloating from your body.

3. Beans: like kidney beans, soya beans etc are filled with resistant fiber and proteins which help release energy slowly and keeping you full for a longer time. They also feed your muscles and help them tone up.

4. Lean chicken and fish: are good sources of protein which increase muscle and thereby metabolic rate which helps fat burning and also adds bulk to the meals.

5. Cucumber: is very high in water content and acts as a natural diuretic which helps to reduce water retention and bloating leading to weight loss.

6. Brown rice: are not only high in fiber but also in energy giving B complex vitamins which leads to faster burning of calories.

7. Almonds and walnuts: are excellent sources of vitamin and fiber. A handful of nuts as mid meal snacks can really do wonders.

8. Papaya: an extremely low calorie fruit which contains papain- aiding in faster digestion of proteins and helping in weight loss.

9. Oranges and lemons: are low in calories, high in fiber and Vitamin C which is important in fat burning.

10. Berries: like strawberries, raspberries etc are low calorie, high antioxidants foods. A few of them as mid meals can keep you satiated. You can also add them in breakfast cereals or yogurt.


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