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LIMS Laboratory information management systems
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Laboratory information management systems

Qualoupe lab info management software is live

Two Fold Software partners with Bibby Scientific to provide new Qualoupe Lite software. The software features an intuitive laboratory information management system (LIMS) that helps in automated data management and transfer

UK-based Two Fold Software has partnered with Bibby Scientific, manufacturers of laboratory products, to provide new Qualoupe Lite software for incorporation into Jenway brand 67 series spectrophotometers. Qualoupe Lite provides users with an intuitive laboratory information management system (LIMS) to automate data management and transfer. Using Qualoupe Lite, analysis results and method information can be transferred directly from the spectrophotometers to the database, removing the need for complicated transitional systems. The system is easy-to-use, and requires minimal training to store and recall laboratory data, including the printing of result reports from the sample manager application. “By creating a true Lite product that is affordable for businesses of all sizes, we make LIMS available to companies aiming to move towards automated laboratory data management,” said Mr Clive Collier, managing director, Two Fold Software. “In the past there have been Lite LIMS products available, but the prices rarely made them accessible. This collaboration with Bibby Scientific means more companies can feel the benefit of an intuitive and effective Qualoupe Lite system without committing to large costs.”


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