Q52: What is important about NSAID-s?

Q52: What is important about NSAID-s?

Although NSAID-s are very useful analgesics and also are useful in treating  inflammation, headaches, arthritis, sports injuries, and menstrual cramps but the most important thing to note about NSAIDS is that they can cause  gastric erosions which can become ulcers. These can cause symptoms of an ulcer in some people, the ulcers may bleed, and indeed some people may die of a bleeding ulcer caused by NSAIDs.So while using NSAID-s we try to balance their benefits and harms. Most guidance stresses the use of simple analgesics, like paracetamol (acetaminophen) as a first line treatment for chronic conditions, with NSAIDs used later, perhaps with some protective agent to try to prevent gastrointestinal harm in those most at risk.

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