Save Quick Draining of Battery IO7 Device


Save Quick Draining of Battery IO7 Device – BrainStrom

Save the battery on the IO7 Device

1)Go to…

Setting>General>Background App Refresh

turn off all the apps off that you don’t need.

See the apple instructions in the below pic

Save Battery on the IO7 Device


pictures to Navigate to the Setting

Setting>General>Background App Refresh

Save Battery on the IO7 Device
Save Battery on the IO7 Device

Save Battery on the IO7 Device

Save Battery on the IO7 Device



2)Turn Off Motion And Parallax

It may be one of the more striking parts of the iOS Lock and Home screen experiences, but the faux-3D experience that iOS 7 provides can, and no doubt does come at the expense of battery life. Making everything look like it’s moving around in 3D space isn’t something that comes cheap when it comes to clock cycles, and that means battery life is going to be affected. If you’re really serious about getting close to iOS 6 levels of battery longevity then you’ll want to get this turned off pronto.

You can disable this feature by going to Settings—->General—>Accessibility—> Reduce Motion and flip down the button to turn it off…


3) Turn Off Auto App Updates

One of the features that exist in iOS 7 is the auto app update, as long as this feature is on, there will be a huge activity on your iPhone, as it will be taking a lot of battery usage from your iPhone and I think you don’t need it…

You can turn this off in Settings > iTunes & App Store > Automatic Downloads.


4) Disable Location Service

Location Services have always been battery hogs, so this is nothing unique to iOS 7. The solution is to disable as many location services as you can put up with:
Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Toggle everything OFF that you don’t use

I generally leave locations enabled for things like maps, weather, and Siri, but not much else needs to know your location.

5) Don’t Use Dynamic Wallpapers

iOS 7 comes with a number of dynamic wallpapers that Apple added in the “Wallpapers and Brightness” Section… If you want my advice, I would recommend removing any Dynamic wallpapers (Don’t use this type of wallpapers) and use the normal stills wallpapers.. This will make the battery life more stable…

To do so, go to Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness > Choose Wallpaper > Stills.

6) Kill All Apps Running At The Multitasking

When you close any app on your iPhone, the app will stay working in the multitasking and that’s mean you only closed the app for awhile but you didn’t kill it.. Apps running in the multitasking will reduce the battery in iOS 7 very quickly, so in order to kill apps in iOS 7, just follow these steps:
  1. Double tap on your iPhone’s home button.
  2. Now swipe up to quite any app you want

Focus on closing out mapping, GPS, directions, fitness trackers, etc – things that are designed to follow you around or follow your movements all hog battery.

Finally here’s a general and normal tips any iPhone user should follow it either he was on iOS 7 or else:
  • Disable Bluetooth
  • Turn off unnecessary Notifications, and don’t allow Push
  • Use Fetch for Mail rather than Push
  • Lock the iPhone when not in use to reduce the time the screen is on
  • Disable keyboard clicks
  • Disable LTE and use a slower data network
  • Reset to factory defaults and restore from backup – extreme but can work in some scenarios

So guys what do you think after following these tips ? Do you feel a big difference in your iPhone’s battery ?


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