Symptoms of Hypo and Hyperglycemia


Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar)

CAUSES: Too little food, too much insulin or diabetes medicine, or extra exercise.
ONSET: Sudden, may progress to insulin shock.
BLOOD SUGAR: Below 70 mg/dL. Normal range: 70-115 mg/dL
WHAT CAN YOU DO? Drink a cup of orange juice or milk or eat several hard candies
Test Blood sugar
Within 30 minutes after symptoms go away, eat a snack e.g. sandwich, and a glass of milk
Contact doctor if symptoms don’t stop

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Hyperglycemia (High Blood Sugar)

CAUSES: Too much food, too little insulin, illness or stress.
ONSET: Gradual, may progress to diabetic coma.
BLOOD SUGAR: Above 200 mg/dL.
Normal range: 70-115 mg/dL
WHAT CAN YOU DO? Test blood sugar
If over 250mg/dL for several tests, CALL YOUR DOCTOR!


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