TED – Growing AIR – recycle indoor air 100% with just 3 plants


by Ambassador of Green

Researcher Kamal Meattle shows how an arrangement of three common houseplants, used in specific spots in a home or office building, can result in measurably cleaner indoor air. This is accomplished with 3 types of carefully selected basic and common waist high potted plants. Areca Palm , Mother-in-law’s Tongue and “Money Tree”. This without dobut is using green to go green to be sustainably healthy. We categorize such endeavors as Perfect Green, and thus have made a place for this in our magazine, honoring the work of TED and Kamal Meattle.

Of particular note is that studies show, 20% productivity improvement in workers and a 1% increase in blood oxygen ( measured after only 10 hours ). Impressive. It would seem that if you must plant a tree, put one of these 3 in your office or home at the very least, and at the best, follow Kamal’s simple guidance for trees per person for 100% balance, essentially erasing your own exhaled C02 footprint such as it is, and being healthy while doing it.

Here at CTNGREEN NYC we have Areca Palms and Bamboo, some spider plants for the windows and have noticed that this also levels the room humidity ( as measured by our tech toys for that ) which also makes for a far more comfortable workspace… although not mentioned in his talk, Humidity and aspiration are rather closely related and merely attending to oxygen levels is insufficient for human optimal environmental management.

In Very Dusty areas, wiping the leaves is needed to maximize the benefits, and an electrostatic duster will get this done in seconds. Each of these 3 trees works best with 2 cups of water and 1/2 packet hydroponic ( basically 1 tbl spoon Miracle grow ). Considering the benefits, its the right path to follow.

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