Think CRAZY……!Why Donkey is not the King of Forest???


In a medical research Lion sleeps 18 hours a day…if hardwork is d key 2 success den Donkey shld b d king of jungle..!!How much dis fact is true ??


First i promise to the reader,this will not be boring,but will definitely drag u r attention will be interesting.

Why this quote is here:This caught my attention ,One of the shares by my friend on facebook.First time i read it i found it very funny and agreed and thought about it and i compiled my comment and some research and googling got some of the comments from the website.

I know understand that smart work in as important as the hard work & hard work with a defined focus will get u the goal……..bla..bla…bla…!

oh…Let me start again…!

These are the  words that got into my and many people mind(S) by reading and understanding some of the famous  quotes by the gr8 people of INDIA,I believe most of them know what these are and every one tries to follow these.

But lets put these famous quotes of the brain and lets make it a funny discussion and try to recollect the information form neighborhoods of south INDIA.


I am sorry for some of the readers,if u do not understand what i am about to discuss here as this discussion is more focused to some parts of south INDIA.

From the above statement it is said that the “only” hard work is not the key to the success is what the author meant.

Now WHAT is KING? not who is KING? here i know this is a huge grammatical mistake,Here my idea is to discuss what does a KING position Mean.


From the above sentence and matter of fact always…as we are told..LOIN was/is the KING.and also from one another fact KING is the person who is recollected a lot than usual….AGREED..!{—————sentence 1}


But…I tend to see people using the word Donkey more than the LION,

Here what i mean is;when people whose origin is from South INDIA,tend to say when we see a person working a lot or really working hard;”Even after working as much as donkey you are not getting paid enough”.(in telugu:Gaadidha la panichesthunnavu niku eemi payoff avvatum ledhu)

but we never hear somebody saying that “You are a LOIN,you are doing great”

other than someone talking about BALAKRISHANA in Telugu movies).


if we compare both these and leaving other consequences that make us remember these words behind,we remember DONKEY alot than a LOIN.

if you agree with me on sentence 1 that is king is the person who is recollected a lot then donkey should be given a credit,But this not going to happen .


Finally to conclude,KING-Ship depends on the our thinking and it is not the one big STANDARD.From What I believe “Any thing that makes our selves happy and make our-self or an individual  feel good about his achievement(S) then he is a “KING”.

and it is not the one that is given to someone if he is so called.

Comment Plz….!

Some of the reactions by other people:



Only hard work is not the key to success. Hardwork towards the goal with proper planning is the key to success.

Answered by SWAPAN BHANDARI, 11 Feb ’11 04:42 pm2.Donkey is undoubtedly the hard worker but without any goal and plan ………. lion is the smart worker with proper planing and reach at the goal ……….that’s why lion is the king ……..

Answered by pradeep mishra, 11 Feb ’11 04:43 pm3.In jungle law ,most powerful and fittest is the king but in human civilization the issue is the correlation between three factors namely Hard work , result and status . Hard work put in does not guarantee success . For example the hard work put in by Hitler , Chengiskhan , Thymoor , Rasputin were far greater than Buddha under Bodhi tree or Jesus in Palestine . But results are different . Former killed in millions causing terror . Buddha’s peace spread to millions . So hard work yielding success in God’s way or disaster in demon’s way is what that decides high pedestal status or downright condemnation . So hard work , result and status are different factors in human life .
Answered by RAMASWAMY VENKATESH, 11 Feb ’11 07:33 pm4…ur sure donkey does hard work?
If left alone how much hard work do they do?
Till now i used to think that hard work was made to be done by them for some one else.
The moral here is (if it can be so called ):
Do some hard work for yourself, even if it is for small amounts of time to feel like a King.

Answered by M H Kisan, 11 Feb ’11 07:02 pm

5.I am thrilled by your innovative thoughts. Earlier we knew ants were the most laborious creatures. Now donkeys – good thought. But I am not inclined to accept this idea. Because, minimum effort and maximum gain is the order of the day. From that angle, lions are king of jungle. But if you have any plan to dethrone the ants and feel the slot by donkeys for the title of Mr. Laborious, I am with you.
Answered by soumyen sarkar, 11 Feb ’11 06:34 pm6.Hard work must be meaningful….Otherwise no use.
Answered by anantharaman, 11 Feb ’11 06:09 pm 7.Hard-work alone doesn’t count for your success, there are many other factors like intelligence, presence of mind, foresight and like too are needed, which a donkey doen’t have but a lion has…!…!
Answered by Dil Se, 11 Feb ’11 06:06 pm 8.Simple
a king is not supposed to toil hard
if so he will never be a king
A common man has to slog hard
and donkey being the pariah has to work extra hard.

Answered by ashok paricha, 11 Feb ’11 04:48 pm 9.He He He He He He………

But this can also be answered as :-Lion is the king and therefore it can afford to sleep for 18 hrs a day. Whereas donkeys are slaves and they have to work hard for food, sleep and sex. ……….. :–))

Answered by Mahesh Sharma, 11 Feb ’11 04:47 pm 10.Kal yog hai sister

Answered by sunita, 11 Feb ’11 04:43 pm 11.You could be right! See how a coolie works hard and how a businessman makes others work hard! Who is successful is no secret!

Answered by QueSera Sera, 11 Feb ’11 04:42 pm 12.Allah ne duniyaa sirf mukaadar pe rakhee hai,naa takat pe dekho ek patle se minister ke pichey do hattekhattey bodyguard,na ilm pe rkhee hai dekhlo anghuta chaap boss ke niche kayyo BCOm kaam katey hai,Duniya toh bakdr Mukkadar hai Aakhirat bakdr mushaqqat hai
Answered by common sense, 11 Feb ’11 04:40 pm13.Aap MAHAN hein.
Answered by ankit shivam, 11 Feb ’11 04:40 pm 14.Good ques
Answered by krishna, 11 Feb ’11 04:39 pm 15.Ha ha ha brilliant . hardwork is not the key to success :-))))))))))
Answered by suppandi, 11 Feb ’11 04:39 pm  16.You are so stupid
Answered by HARITESH AGRAWAL, 11 Feb ’11 04:40 pm
Some thing i got to know where donkey got importance

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