Top 10 states with highest rates of e-prescribing


Top 10 states with highest rates of e-prescribing
1.     Minnesota*
2.     Massachusetts
3.     South Dakota
4.     Delaware
5.     New Hampshire*
6.     Iowa
7.     North Carolina
8.     Maine
9.     Vermont*
10.   Michigan

*New to the top 10

“In Minnesota, there has been a strong commitment to a common e-prescribing objective by providers, pharmacies and payers statewide who worked collaboratively with the e-Health Initiative,” said Marty LaVenture, MD, director of the office of health information technology and e-health at the Minnesota Department of Health. “We have benefited from the strategic use of assessment data that helped us identify and respond to the gaps and needs associated with e-prescribing.  Policy initiatives and grant and loan programs also helped increase adoption and use for providers and pharmacies in underserved areas of the state.”

LaVenture is this year’s recipient of the prestigious Safe-Rx Evangelist Award, which is given annually to the person or organization whose work has made an extraordinary impact on the awareness and use of e-prescribing as a critical means of reducing medication errors.

The Safe-Rx Awards celebrate leadership and exceptional commitment to advancing health care safety, efficiency and quality through the use of e-prescribing. They reflect Surescripts’ long-standing collaboration with the nation’s pharmacies, payers, physicians and technology vendors to support the exchange of health information over a network that is non-commercial, neutral, transparent and standards-based. The awards are based on a ranking that measures states’ actual use of e-prescribing.

What About My State?

Rankings aside, e-prescribing use grew substantially across all states in the country in 2011. To view reports detailing the growth of e-prescribing adoption and use in all 50 states plus Washington, D.C. View the reports here.

Surescripts prepared the Safe-Rx Awards Reports using e-prescribing data sets that did not include any protected health information (PHI).

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